ATEN IS is a Network of Enterprises (Advanced Technology Extended Network Integrated System). It includes 15 Aerospace and Defence Companies and 2 Research Institutes in the “Tecnopolo Tiburtino” – Rome – Italy. Companies: Sigma Consulting Srl, SDS Srl,  DUNE Srl,  Wave Srl,  FalconLog Srl  A3R Srl, SpaceExe Srl, UAS Space Srl, DIAN  Srl, Blue Thread Srl, ATEN IS Srl, UNIDATA SpA, InfoSolution Spa, Quanta Spa, Evo Electronics Srl. TOTAL TURNOVER: 150 million Euro, 500 employees Research Institutes: Consorzio Roma Ricerche, CNR-IAC Its scope is to develop higher added value systems and services for the final client, thus creating an international market organization. The network has an extensive experience in  Homeland Security and territory monitoring,  Aerospace and Defence, — Infomobility – Cloud Computing – Satellite and Inertial Navigation – Telecommunications and Wireless services – Microwave, Antennas and Radar systems – Aircrafts, fixed and rotating wings APRs – Ground and Sea Robots. In particular in the sectors of Smart Cities, the ATEN IS network operates in:

  • Integrated telemedicine-assisted solution for ALS patients – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Infomobility systems for access management and monitoring of the stop in the parking lots in urban areas with limited traffic, with innovative platform based on Cloud Computing and Internet of Thinks – System SE.ME
  • Systems for managing emergency teams and for operator safety (firefighter, civil defense, police, etc .. ) – FIREFIGHTER OF THE FUTURE
  • Airport and Building Security System, to manage the security of an airport area
  • High precision Satellite navigation, for applications in sports , specifically for the management of professional teams in football and cycling (also applicable to the American Football ) – System MESSI – COPPI

For all of its products ATEN IS is looking for potential partnership with local companies, and possibly direct customers and importers interested in the purchase of our systems. The main devices we will be demonstrating are:

NEYRON – Integrated telemedicine-assisted solution for ALS patients – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

NEYRON is an integrated telemedicine-assisted solution for patients of ALS in each stage in order to predict the worsening of the disease and intervene promptly. In particular NEYRON consists of three solutions, one for each stage:

BASIC solution – Pulmonology monitoring


INTERMEDIATE solution – Pulmonology, phonation and shallow monitoring


FULL solution – Pulmonology, phonation, shallow, muscle function monitoring

infografica-full Pulmonology monitoring detects blood saturation (SaO2), Pulse, ECG, Respiratory Frequency …. and helps to recognize earlier causes of respiratory crisis, and providing timely ventilation measures avoiding emergency access to hospital; in C and D stage helps to monitor respiratory and cardiac function timely detecting incoming crisis. Speech and swallow monitoring detects voice during pronunciation and swallowing exercises…. Helping to recognize earlier bulbar effects of the disease, and to provide timely measures to prevent “ab ingestis” pneumonia and respiratory crisis. Muscle function monitoring detects motoneuron health status in arms, legs and neck…. and and helps to measure the overall disease progress in skeletal muscles providing indications for the appropriate mobility aids… In hospital, a service center will monitor the relevant parameter and dedicated physicians (neurologist, pneumologist, nutrionist, otolaryngologist) are involved to evaluate the health condition of the patient.

It provides a support tool for the management and coordination of the fire brigade team operators in interventions of fire rescue in large outdoor areas and inside buildings, in order to optimize the use of personnel and equipment minimize damages in the interested area/building reduce accidents for operational and people involved. Requirements:

  • Localization: Indoor; Outdoor; No a-priori maps
  • Operating conditions Knowledge: Physical condition of firefighter; Firefighter equipment condition (e.g., level of residual oxygen in the carried cylinder, ..); Available Escape routes; Position of the other companions (for supporting or rescue, optimization of the mission time, ..)
  • ‘‘Wear and Forget’’ system: Portable/Wearable devices; Maximum freedom of movement; Light; Automatic Functioning; Compatible with the operating conditions (high temperature, presence of toxic/inflammable gas, ..); Reusability; Ease of use/configuration

Customizable Components: Biometric Sensors: Heart Rate; Body Temperature; Oxygen Saturation Biometric-Sensors v Sensors: Thermal Camera, Toxic Gas Detector v-Sensors Localisation Sensors: IMU (indoor localisation);GPS (outdoor localisation) Localisation-Sensors Helmet Mounted Display and Augmented Reality Helmet-Mounted-Display-and-Augmented-Reality


Summary description: Based on an integrated cloud platform this system provides:

  • an advanced management of the city mobility and special parking areas such as dedicated to:
    • disabled people;
    • goods charge/discharge;
    • touristic buses;
    • car sharing of the normal pay parkings;
    • electric car charge stations.
  • the management of the access into areas with different restriction levels
  • the real time management of the car routes

In addition the system provides to the users advanced services of:

  • Payments
  • Booking
  • Navigation
  • Command & Control
  • Public administration decision support


Advanced Parking

For new innovation parking the systems provides:

  • high precision (less than 1 cm.) localization services based on GNSS differential equipment
  • Multimode navigation
  • Advanced cartography and GIS
  • Discovery
  • Booking and guidance to the nearer parking area
  • Information to public offices or mobile devices on parking authorized and unauthorized (reserved for disabled people or for goods) status
  • Advanced payments either for private people and for goods charge/discharge

Restricted areas

For the limited traffic zones the services offered are:

  • Payments customized to the different zones accessed, the time, the car type and the service with premium policies
  • Navigation system flexible and tailored to the public administration policies for a minimum impact to the territory.
  • A dynamically defined service with reference to distance, time and unpredictable traffic events.

Public administration services

The advanced services listed are used by the P.A. to implement incentive and restriction policies in a dynamic way:

  • Costs of access based on dynamic situations
  • Premium for the good users with privileges on costs, discounts and accesses
  • Decision support services using the data collected during the users life
  • Analysis of the territory and traffic dynamic evolution to support the future city planning.

Summary description: In a typical application, to manage the security of an airport area the following subsystems are used:

  • NR. 2 RF gonio equipment for localisation of radio emissions up to 5 GHZ. These are either fixed on ground or installed on vehicles;
  • NR. 2 Radar to detect intrusion of men and mobile vehicles. These are either fixed on ground or installed on vehicles;
  • NR. 1 Elint equipment to detect radar emission up to 20 GHz mounted on a vehicle;
  • NR. 1 Medium size UAV’s (Shadow 2000 type) with a load of 50 Kg equipped with RF gonio, with Optical and Infrared cameras;
  • NR. 3 Strix UAV’s with Optical and Infrared cameras;
  • NR 4 Sixton UAV’s with Optical and Infrared cameras. The cloud platform provides the users with Command & Control, Mission Support services.

UAV Platforms

The following platforms have been qualified by the Italian Ministry of Defence: STRIX fixed wing STRIX-fixed-wing SIXTON rotating wing SIXTON-rotating-wing Pioneer 400 manned Pioneer-400-manned

Summary description:

  • Football Third Eye (FTE) is a new way of watching and playing football.
  • New way of watching: Real time statistics, players speed and acceleration, teams tactics and strategies
  • New way of playing:  Computer aided real time tactics and strategies processing, real time athletic performance analyses, real time remote monitoring and scouting of multiple players at the same time everywhere, players modeling (athletics and tactics).

FTE Technology:

  • FTE technology is integrated into shinguards. The shinguards are hand-made in fiberglass by the worldwide leader in professional shinguard manufacturing: Campari Composites. The champions uses Campari shinguards. FTE technology and manufacturing is Made in Italy.
  • FTE shinguards are handmade and can be personalized with graphics chosen by the customer.

FTE system includes:

  • Shinguards, receiving gateway and software. Shinguards integrate a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver, an accelerometer, a battery and a transmitting antenna. Autonomy with a single charging: about 7 hours.
  • The gateway realtime receives data from the shinguards and  re-transmit  them  to  the  PC,  Tablet  and Smartphones in the nearby and to a remote server for archives and further analyses. Data are crypted and protected by unauthorized uses and the gateway is completely portable and does not need of fixed installations.



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