is an accredited CME provider Organize events in 2056. ECM is that FAD residential tailored for doctors, taking care of every aspect from design to planning and validation of the training plan, with a scientific committee of high-level composed of academics of the most important universities in Italy; provides the physician a catalog richest web, divided the five collections: managerial, legal, medical, IT and security. The company operates in constant relationship with the and is competent in ECM and other fields of medicine, deals with the design, planning and validation of the training program, becoming the guarantor of the content of the courses offered. Guarantees as to health professionals continuously updated with a view to retraining and the attainment of the necessary credits in the Ministry of Health.

Distance learning (ODL) is one of the ways to maintain, develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of the operators of Health. These are programs for which the user does not have to move from the workplace or from home, to be held both in groups and individually, using paper or computer material. For those programs, distance learning is a system of evaluation with a minimum level of learning; In other words, you must pass a “test” that proves the achievement of a certain level of learning.

The experience of a traditional training company Training In Health Spa combines an approach always up to date and at the height of the best providers ECM. With innovative technology, we offer a service that focuses on the health care professional and their needs, in a simple and functional. Fundamental to this goal is the periodic in-depth Health News Information solutions online, practical and fast, accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet with over 180,000 readers every week.

More than 20,000 healthcare professionals since 2003 have relied on our accredited provider This thanks to a scientific committee at the highest level, composed of academics of the most important universities in Italy. In constant contact with the competent in ECM and in other fields of medicine, he deals with the design, planning and validation of the training program, becoming the guarantor of the content of our courses.

Description of innovative products for which we are seeking collaborations

The main services / products provided by Innovative Health In-Formation spa are:

  • UPDATING THE TRAINING OF MEDICAL CARD THROUGH THE ECM: we provide the physician a unique tool to get all the 50 credits required for annual ECM doctors, nurses and all health care professionals. At any time, at home or in the studio through any interactive tool online, with the ECM Card doctors will indeed update its online training. This is thanks to the most modern and comprehensive platform for distance learning (ODL). A strength that makes In Health Education among the best providers accredited
  • PRESS SCIENTIFIC: to keep updated on the latest research and discoveries in the medical field, we provide the physician the most important scientific publications. Each week will, in fact, directly in their inbox, the latest industry news.
  • HEALTH INFORMATION NEWS: is the online information on Health. With an eye always focused on the institutions and regulatory developments and Professional, Health Information is the periodic in-depth on issues of Health. With solutions and fast online practices and focus on the topics of greatest interest to the medical world, it has within it the Bulletin of the Ministry: exclusive articles sent directly by the Ministry of Health. Accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet, with over 185,000 readers every week.
  • ORGANIZATION OF EVENTS AND CONFERENCES ECM: the sector is called SIF Events and offers solutions tailored to every need, both for clients both in a complementary manner to other providers in the industry; by partnering with Consulcesi, the largest medical reality Italian, it ranks today as a landmark of world health; with a highly specialized marketing department and over 350 consultants engaged in the recall to provide all the required information, we boast a profiled database with over 400,000 professionals.

For this we are able to ensure the best services for communication within 72 hours of order.

Microsite creation: to give visibility to events and conferences ECM and assure the success they deserve, we take care of every aspect: from the concept of communication, until the final report. To do this, our team of designers will create a mini-site ad hoc, that values the offer in its strengths. Once online, we will proceed to collect applications, drawing up the list of participants which assure the payment to the procedures safer. For each phase of the process, we will provide the clinician with an analytical reporting in real time, in order to be always updated on the work in progress.

DEM creation and sending a database profile: to communicate an event or a conference ECM, it is essential to get the right people. We make available our vast database with the names of more than 400,000 professionals. They will present the ‘event with a communication made for the occasion: a dem with a creativity made and we will proceed to send directly. Step by step we will follow closely the whole process, providing an analytical reporting to date.

Video services and promotions: The more and better you can communicate an event, the more this will redeem membership and consensus. That’s why we provide the pages of Health Information News, our periodic in-depth on issues of health and health care with more than 180,000 physicians among readers. They will present the event, following him at every stage with services, editorial and video: from pre-launch to conclusion. We also guarantee our presence during the course of the conferences ECM, capturing the key moments with footage and interviews.

Telephone recall with specialized consultants: once organized the event, we will take care to contact the participants. We indeed have over 350 experienced consultants in healthcare. They will, defined the target audience among the individuals in our rich database, to proceed with the telephone recall. Simultaneously with the first accessions, will proceed to the control of payments, ensuring those concerned how more comfortable and safe.

Press: to give the event the visibility it deserves, to integration of services presented so far, we provide our press office. A team of professional journalists with years of experience in the industry, to better present the initiatives in progress. Capillary action and targeted paid to the main titles of the medical and health care, so as to achieve a target selected and informed at all stages: from launch to carry out until the end. Upon completion of the service we will be made to deliver our press release, so you have a feedback in terms of resonance.

CME: once conceived the event, we take care of him the institutionality it deserves. Today it has become increasingly important for doctors, in fact, get the 50 CME credits per year required by law. Therefore, thanks to the expertise acquired and to our accredited provider, represent the ideal partner for the recognition of ‘event commissioned perspective disbursement of credits for continuing medical education, in number commensurate with the nature of the initiative.


Contact details for the fair: Andrea Tortorella

(Amministratore Unico di Sanità In-Formazione spa)
Cell.   +39 347 3212 759