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The Union of COMPANIES and business of Rome, Frosinone, Latina, Rieti and Viterbo. The largest business association of Confindustria system in term of territorial extension. The second largest in termn of number of members. A decision-making system of top managers and entrepreneurs supported by a team of 140 professionals available to approximately 3,600 member companies and their 250,000 employees.

  • assisting and protecting companies that produce goods and / or services with industrial organization It;
  • promotes and encourages the development of entrepreneurial activities;
  • research forms of cooperation at all institutional, economic, political and social levels.

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Consorzio Roma Ricerche

Consorzio Roma Ricerche (CRR), created in Rome (Italy) in 1986 as a nonprofit organization formed by private and public entities, is specialized in innovation technology transfer. CRR mission is to encourage and facilitate the exchange and collaboration between the world of research and the industry. Starting from fostering and supporting collaborative actions among its members, Consorzio Roma Ricerche promotes the transfer of knowledge and technology to those enterprises that aim to improve their competiveness.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years spent operating in the field of European Commission Research Framework Programmes and to the partnerships established over the year at national and international level, CRR offers a complete range of expertise (technical and scientific knowledge, economic-financial competence and specialized management) to support the implementation of technological development projects related to the specific design requirements of industrial enterprises.
CRR also fosters the participation of SME to cooperative research programs, having part in the drafting of integrated proposals, optimizing the technological transfer and ensuring the multidisciplinary approach complementarity.
Finally, CRR supports, through its collaboration with the main local agencies operating in the field of Innovation and Technology Development, the creation and reinforcement of the Regional Network for Research and Innovation for which will be the hub of all the technology development activities for the benefit of SMEs.

CRR mission is to promote and support collaborative activities among its members and the enterprises in order to facilitate the transfer of innovative and strategic technologies from the academic community to the industry.
Within its mission, CRR promotes the advancement of Technological Poles, coordinates and manages research projects co-funded by the European Commission, coordinates and manages projects co-funded by Lazio Region, is partner of the regional ICT training center and manage the project Innovation, funded by the Rome Chamber of Commerce.

Operational contexts

  • promotion of national and international networks for Innovation and Technology Transfer ( Research Consortia City, Innovation Relay Centres , etc.);
  • coordination and/or participation in several projects of technology transfer to SMEs, granted by local agencies (Chamber of Commerce of Rome , Province of Rome ) , by regional agency (Lazio Region), national entities (MIUR , ASI, etc…) and international entities (European Commission, Eureka, NATO);
  • technical support for the participation to R & D programs of the EC;
  • promotion of joint research between public and private entities;
  • transfer of technological know-how.

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Tecnopolo SpA

La Società per il Polo Tecnologico Industriale Romano è una società per azioni costituita nel 1995 per volontà della Camera di Commercio di Roma, che ne è azionista al 95% tramite Holding Camera S.r.l. Partecipano al capitale sociale altri soggetti quali il Comune di Roma attraverso ACEA, AMA, ATAC, la Regione Lazio attraverso la finanziaria regionale Filas e l’Agenzia Sviluppo Lazio, la Provincia di Roma e l’ENEA. La società svolge un’azione di promozione, riqualificazione e stimolo allo sviluppo del tessuto industriale tecnologicamente avanzato attraverso il Tecnopolo Tiburtino, di cui è ideatrice, promotrice e realizzatrice, e il Tecnopolo di Castel Romano, acquisito e rilanciato con nuove funzioni di polo di eccellenza. La Società per il Polo Tecnologico Industriale Romano partecipa alla rete APSTI, l’Associazione Parchi Scientifici Tecnologici Italiani

Tecnopolo Tiburtino

Ad oggi, più di 80 imprese hanno scelto di insediarsi nel Tecnopolo Tiburtino. L’obiettivo della Società del Tecnopolo è quello di aumentare il numero delle aziende al suo interno, garantendo ed implementando i servizi volti a sostenere l’operatività delle stesse imprese e promuovendone nello stesso tempo l’aggregazione, così da stimolare l’interscambio di esperienze. Il settore del design creativo è parte integrante del dna di tutte le aziende già presenti al tecnopolo. Ka sede del progetto sarà presso il Tecnopolo Tiburtino. Il tecnopolo ospiterà alcune iniziative del progetto e fungerà da luogo di riferimento per gli incontri e la promozione alle aziende.

Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACC) is a non-profit, U.S. corporation officially recognized by the Italian government which is devoted to fostering trade between the United States and Italy. The Chamber has grown substantially since its inception in 1991, a direct reflection of the rapidly expanding and increasingly prominent Italian business community in theSoutheastern United StatesFlorida, in particular, represents the driving force of the regional economy due to its extraordinary geopolitical location, cosmopolitan and innovative environment, and role as a major international trade hub. The State has fast become the ideal platform for Italian companies and other multinational corporations/headquarters doing business with the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Our Chamber boasts a qualified corporate membership of almost 200 companies of both Italian and American origin, including some of the most prestigious “Made in Italy” brands

The IACC counts on many institutional partners both in the U.S. and Italy. Our organization is part of the Assocamerestero the official association of the Italian Chambers abroad officially recognized by the Italian government. We also work in close collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy to promote the development of trade between and access to the Italian and U.S. markets in a whole host of sectors, including but not limited to food & beverage, logistics, fashion & lifestyle, marine industry, and interior design.

The IACC is a staunch defender of artisan craftsmanship, enterprise, and small and medium sized businesses – the backbone of the Italian economy.
By organizing delegation visits of U.S. buyers to Italy along with local trade and networking events designed to introduce new Italian products to the U.S. market, we are the face of “Made in Italy” – a concept synonymous with quality and excellence – in the Southeastern United States.

Additionally, the Chamber supports and is involved in the organization of various economic and social events, which contribute to educational conditions in the region while promoting the public image of Italy, its people, and its industries.

622 College St #201 – Toronto, ON M6G 1B4
T +416 789 7169

Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario

With origins dating back to the 1930s, the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO), formerly the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto, was officially recognised in 1961. The ICCO is a private, independent, non-profit organization whose aim is to enhance and promote investments, trade, business and cultural relations between Canada and Italy.

The main purpose of the ICCO is to develop and create connections and business relationships between its Italian commercial partners and local companies and investors. Furthermore, the ICCO also aims at promoting the values of the Italian culture both in professional and social contexts.

The ICCO strives to be a dynamic platform that may promote Italian-Canadian excellence on a businesslike, cultural and social dimension, thus creating an effective synergy between its Italian and local partners while contributing to Canada’s national agenda on prosperity, globalism and cultural dialogue.

The ICCO’s purpose:

Among its many tasks, the ICCO works as a consultant for a number of local and regional governmental agencies in Canada and Italy, as well as in the field of commercial mediation. Knowledgeable in Canada’s GROWING market, the ICCO’s staff puts its services at the disposal of Italian companies that are seeking to expand in the local market, researching specific industrial sectors and arranging meetings with potential investors.

As keen promoter of the thriving Canadian business market, the ICCO is also a founding member of the Greater Toronto Business Alliance (Federation of Portuguese Business and Professionals, Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce, Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario and Toronto Chinese Business Association). In addition, the ICCO is also a co-founding member of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN).