Consulcesi represents a point of reference for all physicians, in the legal and professional and provides for the promotion of legal actions for the recognition of rights and repayments, as well as the proposal of laws to protect the medical profession. Deals with the provision of support services, administrative organization, development and orientation directed mainly to practice in procedures and legal proceedings, extrajudicial and litigation both individual and collective directed primarily to health professionals; supports the promotion of training and information, study, research on learning and communication; It promotes the preparation and dissemination, also on behalf of associations, publications with informative, educational and scientific preparation for and relevant to the medical sector and the disclosure of the activities and actions planned and the results achieved through participation in conferences and private events and public in general. It organizes promotional events, research, publishing, publication of technical works, information material on paper, magnetic, computer and audiovisual; provides vocational training through courses of basic and advanced, financed and co-financed by public and private, domestic and foreign, as a state, regions, provinces, municipalities and the European Social Fund; It deals with the management of interactive spaces on the web and other media dedicated to the training and information. Through instruments provides highly innovative services aimed at finding the best solutions for the professional and leisure: the legal protection training, RC Professional to payment instruments, from medical app to long-term rental, from financial services to real to the most interesting travel proposals.

Consulcesi Health in Law in Italy srl is a reference point for all doctors, in the legal and professional.

It promotes legal action in favor of recognition of rights and repayments (Collective Actions Specialists ’82 -2006); thanks to established case law, aims to get the right compensation for the hours of work in most Italian doctors and from 2015 also to those of the UK, France, Germany and Austria; opposes the groundless accusations of malpractice filed against doctors; It proposes laws and sensitizes the Government towards the rights not conferred upon the medical profession; It offers solutions for the mandatory training through distance learning.

Consulcesi in Health Law srl always offers new services according to the demands of Category.

The main ones are:

Consulcesi Club is a product provided by Consulcesi and represents the ideal synthesis of all company services since it includes the best solutions for the medical profession and the free time, involving the various Group companies. The legal protection training, RC Professional to payment instruments, from medical app to long-term rental, from financial services to real estate, to the most interesting travel proposals.

myDott is an ideal meeting point between doctor and patient; App is created to establish a continuous and direct, simplifying communication and keeping up with the times. Calls, sms, mail everything to respond more easily whenever required, saving time and streamlining work. With this function, the patient can request appointments and recipes avoid queuing in the study. It is a unique opportunity, for each physician, to make themselves known and to share important aspects of his profession. myDott App is created to retain patients for each doctor and find new ones, keeping them informed about news and promotions of his studio and its activities. Through the ability for patients to request appointments and recipes, it will help improve organization and timing of the work of doctors. All this with a clear and easy to use, with specially designed, customizable layout and contents. It is the ideal solution to ensure that the way we communicate the doctor is always in step with the times and in line with the needs of patients.

Nurses 2.0 is the project to monitor the new needs of the profession to find specific solutions, innovative and better conditions. With a permanent research activity based on the guidelines of Evidence Based Nursing entirely managed and coordinated by nurses, it blends the most advanced knowledge of the profession and recognized the strong individual motivation. The Project Nurses 2.0 comes from a great challenge taken by the nurses: monitor the changing needs of the profession and find solutions more specific, innovative and better conditions. The research is ongoing, always updated internationally according to the guidelines of ‘Evidence Based Nursing. Nurses are considered specialists in “Best Practices”, the best professional methodologies that combine the universal values of the mission “care” of the nurse, with innovations continuously produced from clinical and technology. Nurses 2.0 is the only true revolutionary project of the nursing world, managed and coordinated by nurses, which combines the most advanced knowledge and recognized the strong professional motivation: to negotiate the best solutions with the will of affirmation of the class. Every aspect of the project was established in key associations, supported by the history of excellence in health care, professional solutions and protection of rights, the association Consulcesi.

Nurses 2.0 aims to provide, thanks to the use of the most modern forms, interactive tools for: Growing Together, Formarsi, Inquire, be protected, Enjoy numerous privileges and be stronger and stronger in the face of Institutions and Enterprises health.

By partnering with Health in-Training SpA (accredited provider AGENAS), it offers all the Nurses Associated easier, complete and professional European platform FAD (Distance Learning) to get all 50 CME credits MANDATORY for the exercise of nursing avoiding the penalties provided by the maneuver Mountains.

Some courses provided:

  • Professional Liability Nurses
  • General pharmacology
  • The medical record
  • Chemical Risk in hospital
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Report and report
  • The discipline
  • Principles of liability
  • Professional responsibility in criminal matters
  • The principle of self-determination of the patient
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • The VTE
  • Safe use of medical lasers
  • Principles of medical liability
  • Leadership
  • Office Excel
  • Office Powerpoint
  • Office Outlook
  • Computer Security Individual

Consulcesi News is publishing product created to rewrite the future of the medical profession. With a circulation of over 480,000 copies, delivered free of charge every three months, in homes and studios of professionals, ranging from regulatory developments in Health to the opportunities and problems for the white coats, from technology to education, from legal protection to scientific research, with news and insights on the most important and debated.

Dottcar is the first car rental service in the long run especially designed for those working in the healthcare sector. Thanks to the partnership with LeasePlan – leading company with more than 1.37 million vehicles in 32 countries, on 4 continents – is a unique reality, which focuses on the needs and wishes of professionals to offer the best solutions that best meet every single need.

DoctorPay (Your mobile POS at your App) is the service of the mobile device with Moneynet free and zero fees for the management of receipts by POS system. Born by the board of 55,000 doctors, it is aimed at health professionals, be they private or group practices. Approved by Consulcesi, the largest medical reality Italian and the third in Europe, it is aimed at professionals in the health sector: whether private or group practices. By means of a special device, this mobile POS allows you to receive payments by debit and credit card wherever you are, with a simple Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or tablet, making it fast and safe transactions.


Contact details for the fair: Andrea Tortorella

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